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For over 35 years our pledge to our Client Partners has been that we provide industry leading services and exceptional client experiences, and that we act swiftly in any instance that falls short of either to ensure our service meets the WhiteRose standard and leaves our Partners satisfied.

WhiteRose is a full-service janitorial company that specializes in providing exemplary cleaning services for the Condominium, Retail, Commercial, and Industrial sectors for over 35 years.

Our quality control driven by diligent attention to detail, our tailored selection of environmentally friendly products and customized-service delivery model differentiates WhiteRose from traditional service providers. We listen closely to our client’s needs, while assessing the particulars of each premises to develop a customized service offering, all while using environmentally-friendly products to ensure healthy and safe conditions for our team and our clients.

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Smart Work, Better Results

At WhiteRose, creating clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly environments is one of our highest priorities. To accomplish this, we have developed a Green Program that offers a complete range of eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products. Our aim is to reduce the amount of traditional toxic chemicals that are released into our clients’ facilities, creating pleasant and enjoyable spaces, while also decreasing the potential for respiratory and allergic reactions. We believe that our Green Program has accomplished this balance for our clients and team.

Committed to a Clean, Healthy Environment.

Our process brings personal accountability to each work site; regular inspections, immediate on-site communication, and regular inspection logs and reports are included with all of our cleaning contracts. Quality is our badge of honour.

WhiteRose has always and continues to be a forward-thinking cleaning company. This is best shown through our complete range of eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products – a part of our Green program. We are proud to bring an industry-leading commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment where we can all work and live. 


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